the year of the blur

i can’t believe it’s december already. i also can’t believe that i no longer work at a place where the level of stress increases 180% between thanksgiving and new year’s. i can’t believe how much more relaxed and calm and centered i am now compared to 365 days ago.

i also can’t believe how long it had been since i’d seen matt’s chin:


i worked from home the day before thanksgiving in order to facilitate making my ramen noodle salad without having to stress about it after work. merle and i were both kinda chilly (i keep the thermostat at 60°; come on, wear layers!), so she hopped on my lap and i pulled my hoodie over her.


here she is, being cute as all get-out on thansgiving. i don’t think george really likes her much, but he put up with sharing the chair.


and here is our resident fatty tuna. he’s the biggest of the cats and has, admittedly, gained quite a bit of weight at our house. we need to find some “lite” cat food that doesn’t cost twice as much per pound as mounds’ cat food.



nero was being exceptionally cute one evening; he seems to be unable to leave me alone when i’m on the couch… so i took a series of photos and threw them into an animated gif. hopefully it doesn’t make you sick, from cuteness or motion.



moar pics!

when the blog gets scarce, i try to dump my appropriate phone pics for posterity’s sake.
burnie adopted my robe as her own after she got out of quarantine, and i have only been able to wear it a couple of times since:
apparently, she’s also convinced alex that the humans have no need for warmth:
martin was bothering me on the couch, and i never realized what that little three-circle icon was on my phone, so i snapped a filtered photo, as the cool kids do:
also, nero can’t seem to leave me along on the couch either. here’s a cute pic of him trying to sniff the phone:
you would think that i’m a cat person, but i just have cats.
also, myself and my car hit a milestone this past monday.
i’ve never had a car with this many miles on it. i’m not sure whether to be happy that it’s lasted this long (since i still have a loan out on it).

nice, long weekend

we had monday off this week, it was nice to laze about and sleep in and hang out. matt and i played a bit of magic on sunday evening. i think i need to get more familiar with other deck colors in order to make a stronger one.
burnie is still on the mend. she’s learning how to spit out the pills, here’s matt trying to administer:
yesterday, when i opened the door to her room, she darted out between my legs and went under our bed. i decided that two months in confinement was enough, and she’d just have to heal out in the open with everyone else. she’s been running up and down and all over almost constantly since then.
here’s my wake up call from yesterday morning:
what you can’t see is the other human, dog, and cat that weren’t near my face.

cat update

burnie is doing a lot better. well, the appearance of her leg is… not her attitude, so much. she’s been stuck in the spare bedroom for exactly seven weeks and it’s wearing on her patience. she isn’t really walking on it yet, probably because the pads are sore and her nails need to grow back. she really hates being forced to keep her paw in the antibacterial liquid for more than two minutes.
once she’s all good, we get to train her how to poop in a litter box.

every january

i lament having to sit/stand at a desk and stare at a computer for most of my waking day. sometimes, i wonder where i went wrong, passively deciding my future. i blame past me for not thinking ahead very well.
matt has been going a little overboard with magic card purchases, so i had to indulge him a couple of times over my holiday. i don’t know who writes the descriptions of these things, but sometimes the grammar makes it unclear. so i had to get the advice of a friend on this one.
more of nero hanging out:
and one more of nora after i asked her something of great import:
so, after i win the lottery (that i don’t participate in), i’ll pay off all my debt and do whatever i want for pleasure and money.

happy new year!

yea, i’m a day late, but i was avoiding my computer until the last possible moment.
my lower back is already tense and tight after a day at work (i just had a week and a half away). i spent a lot of my holiday with matt, friends, family, the dogs, getting food, making food, sleeping in. it was great.
here are some moments from the last week or so:
nero holds his paws in the cutest way. i think it shows whether or not he’s comfortable.
i borrowed the hobbit from a friend, and matt said it had to be seen on a tv, not on the little laptop. so he pulled his great big tv upstairs and we hooked everything up. this resulted in huge hobbitses.
jones and nora were being particularly cute one morning, waiting for me to get up.


yea, yea. i’ve been too busy to blog.
anyway, here are some pictures!
the dogs were looking particularly stoic, but they were probably waiting for one of us to say, “that thing that we do”, which translates to “walk”.
nero has come so far in the last year. i only fear when we have to take him to the vet for his annual rabies and he reverts to the basement for months again. but, until that time (in the next month), he’s happy to hang out with his pal, alex.
and nora.
and he’ll tolerate my shenanigans as well.
he was being particularly cute last night, with his leg-crossing.

many faces to feed

the chickens are not enjoying this heat. i won’t be surprised if one or more stop laying for a couple days. it’s supposed to get tolerable by friday.
they seem to be going to bed earlier than i expect, but that’s probably because the sun is setting ever so earlier each day.
here’s ginger ready to sleep (pardon the levels, it was dark in the coop):
nero is finally coming around. he’s still skittish, but he’ll ask to be pet and then i tell him to get up on the cat tree and he does. then he rolls around like a silly fool until he almost falls off.
martin and burnie have become buddies. he’ll chase her around and attack her, then begin a bath. here’s the middle of that:
and, nora was on the couch, being cute so matt made them cuter.


*warning* gratuitous animal pictures will follow!
on sunday, i decided that it had been too long since we took the dogs to garver on a walk, so we trekked through the park and down starkweather drive, where there’s a little path that goes up to the train tracks and over the creek by olbrich and back down behind the garver feed mill.
we got all the way to where it picks up and comes out on fair oaks, and i realized that the city uses that space as a place to put snow in the winter. and it wasn’t snow anymore, it was one big puddle… so we had to go all the way around the outside, right by the creek, and navigate through dead trees and straw, just so my feet wouldn’t get wet.
jones got to show off his climbing skills, tho:

it was so nice out this weekend, that we had the front door open for a little while. i caught almost all of the cats in one shot:
and nero is getting more and more brave. this is him in martin’s spot under the coffee table:
burnie is also warming up to us, she will sit right next to me on the couch.
also, i made bean burgers for lunches this week, but they didn’t hold together enough for my liking. my lunch table was a mess yesterday, so i decided that an emergency soup was in order. i had a “kleen pak soup mix” from the last grocery trip to use up, and some extra celery (pro-tip: store celery in tin foil, not in the bag it came in—it will last for weeks). so i chopped and threw all of this into my medium slow cooker with two bouillon cubes, and now i have soup for the rest of the week!