i’ve been lax in my bullet journalling lately. i pretty much stopped writing down everything except for the two main meals that i eat each day so i think i might be done? or taking a break? idk. there was a journal that had the whole year laid out and i thought that was silly but now that i think about it, it would likely encourage me to write something down instead of skipping.

maybe i need to go back to the unorganized, scratchy layout. or maybe not.

i guess i’ll see how i feel.


i haven’t talked a lot about my bullet journal lately, but i am still using it. now that it’s been in use about a year and a half, i go back and review what was the haps a year ago.

well, we all know what happened a year ago. it was in the negative temperatures and i was biking to work on fewer than 500 calories a day. my home life had been upended but it would be yet another month before he would move out. (sidenote: what is that phrasing called? the past tense description of something happening in the future? i remember it being very confusing in spanish.) 

it looks like i’ll have enough pages in the journal to get me through june; so that means one leuchtturm will last me at least two years. 

playing catchup

with all of my offline documenting, i’ve been neglecting the blog again.

my first run was a success! i couldn’t get the g.d. app on my watch to keep going when it went to sleep, so i didn’t get a count of my time, but i think that might have been a blessing in disguise, cuz i really didn’t want to know.

it was pretty warm by the time the 3K folks got to the start line, but a lot of the route was shaded, so it wasn’t unbearable.

i had biked there and back, so i got 11 miles in on a saturday that i normally would have been just tooling around the house, so that was a bonus.


i’ve found a new favorite pen for my bujo; the muji .38. it’s a gel, but it’s so sharp that you really can’t tell. and, i can write super tiny, so i’m less concerned about how much space to designate for each day.

i’m diggin’ the journal anyway. i go back and forth between setting up a month’s worth of weekly layouts and just doing week-by-week in order to make little modifications. for example, last week, i haphazardly added step tracking and if i had july all done, it would have been haphazard the whole rest of the month. this way, i was able to incorporate it into the layout (it’s the chuck-taylor-looking shoe icon under the music notes).

we went camping the weekend before my run, and i still need to post about that. it’s a to-do in the journal but hasn’t made it off the to-do and on the to-done.

summer summer summertime

it’s already going by too quickly. august is right around the corner and, before you know it, there will be frost advisories.

maintaining the bujo makes it a little easier to be mindful so time doesn’t fleet.

i’m still playing around with what i want to track and the most efficient way to do so. i’ve seen other folks track their sleep hours in a line graph and have considered doing the same, but i think i want to track each day’s sleep hours (because i can tend to toss and turn in the middle of the night) instead of just the number of hours, and i want to keep them close to the daily mood to see if there is a correlation.

if there can be such a thing as an issue with bujo, the issue i uncovered today is that i haven’t had time to set up next week but, since it’s friday, i have plans to write down for next week. i wonder if folks do a month at a time? i feel that, since i’m new and making changes, i don’t want to do a whole month’s worth of weekly layouts at once. the struggle is real!


there’s something meditative and cathartic about putting together the weekly layout, but it would be nice to template this somehow.  i guess everyone’s bujo is too individualized to get a whole notebook printed.

more BuJo™

after last week, i made some changes to this one. i started tracking sleep differently and moved some others around. i needed more room for weekend days, so they get just a row or two less instead of being split across one row.

i may also need to change how i track meals. right now, i use a hamburger (funny, huh?) icon in the margin to indicate what i ate.

i forgot the whole point of this post. i’m not sure if i feel busier because i’m keeping track of things more closely, or if i *am* busier. i was able to use the month’s projection to determine that i was too busy to take on a job that needed to be worked on and completed by july 1, indicating, if nothing else, that this is helping me stay sane.

in other news

i’ve started a bullet journal. i used to be amazed at my friend Colin that he would have to write down events and appointments in order to keep everything straight.  i know that i can keep loads of info in my head, but i think this is a good time to start *not* having to do that before it becomes a memory issue.

so, i got myself a new notebook (maybe it was just an excuse to do this) that doesn’t have lines or squares, but dots! it also has page numbers which are helpful for filling out the index.

it’s set up with a “year at a glance” page, and then each month gets a page with 1-3n and days of the week going down the left and another page with open tasks, events, etc. to be taken care of or rescheduled for another month. the pages following are a daily log, but i’m using it more for an actual journal of events as opposed to things that need to be scheduled. such as meals, exercise, notable happenings.

i’m five days into it, so i’ll probably make modifications to the system as time goes on to fit my needs. in the mean time, it’s provided a good excuse to get more pens. :)