a meeting

they’ve met before, but i didn’t have the camera handy. here’s jones trying to figure out, still, what these weird ferret-things are.

not a good night

i left the house for an hour and a half last night, while kurt was out playing poker.. and jones proceeded to drag my tulip and gingham sock all over the house.. not before he chewed up the bamboo needles, leaving me at a knitting standstill; cuz how could i predict that i’d need two sets of each of my dpns? so, an order to knitpicks went in last night for more needles.
for the last week, he’s been spending the night in the bed. some people seem to think that’s a little weird, but i like it because i know that he’s not getting into trouble.. well, last night we decided to leave the bedroom door open in case he wanted to take over the couch. *ahem* VERY bad idea. he came into the bed around 3, and woke us up. kurt asked if he wanted to go out, and i said “he just came in, we might be in for a surprise in the livingroom.” a surprise indeed. not only had he emptied the contents of the garbage into the dining room, he had defacated in front of the tv. a lot.
see, previously (during our breakfast outing), he pulled some buns out of the garbage and eaten a little bit, so i think it had him “blocked”, as they say; and he didn’t poop on our evening stroll. so i forgave him right away.. kurt, on the other hand, is having a difficult time with it. i’d say we’re fortunate that he’s been so quick to train thus far.
again, he’s lucky he’s so cute (no, there’s no fish-eye lens action on this shot.. his ears are that big).

a good pic

here’s jones getting a treat from kurt.

i’m leaning more toward the german shepherd because of the amount of brown in his fur, but i’d prefer he not get too much bigger considering he knocked me over when i got home last night!

ok i promise

this won’t turn into a jonesy-blog, but i don’t know how much time he’s gunna afford me to knit.. luckily it’s almost summer.
so i took him out at least every 45 minutes yesterday; during which time he didn’t pee. once. so, kurt got home after work and he finally peed. he’s picked a favorite spot outside the front door, which is handy. after a while, i had to go to bed.
kurt woke me up at 2:45 to tell me we’d had a little accident in front of the tv, and where are the puppy pads? well, this one was only paper trained, and puppy pads aren’t quite the same. so we thought it would be nice to have him come to bed.. as he was getting comfy, he peed. :/ so kurt yelled and i took him out and he made his last tinkle of the night. he wouldn’t come back into the bed, so i laid on the couch with him (we were extremely worried that he’d poop in the house, since it’s a little puppy-like, and he hadn’t pooped since 6pm). aside from him laying on me all night, it wasn’t too bad. i’m dog-tired though.
this a.m., he surprised me by scratching on the door, being taken out, and almost immediately finding a place to end the digestive process. he sure is lucky he’s so dang cute.


here’s jonesy:
he is SO CUTE.
p.s., i think he’s part australian shepherd and lab. also, he met like eight neighborhood dogs AND the ferrets today. he’s exhausted!


so, we went to mounds, cuz i needed to get puppy pads for the ferret cage. they’re only 50% litter-box trained, so it makes it a lot easier to clean up. there were two puppies in the care of a foster mom from the country animal haven and kurt absolutely fell in love with the smaller one… so i’m mailing our pre-adoption application tomorrow. he said he’s never been this excited about a dog before; so i hope we get to get her, he’d be awfully disappointed otherwise. he’s pretty small, and the foster mom think he’s got some shepard in her. he’s 6 months so he probably won’t get much bigger. i’m anxiously excited. he even said we’d take her to training classes! i wish i had a pic to show you, but they only have adoptable cats listed on their website.
*edited later because we found it she’s a he. :)