r picked up some paint chips to choose from for the bathroom. as much as he makes fun of how i fret about everything, i think i make pretty quick work of the decision on colors. pictures will come later.

also, it’s nice to be excited about weekends again.

internal screams

i started handing out invites for the party.

and i’ve started scrutinizing every inch of the house for imperfections that i want to remedy beforehand.

in particular, the bathroom door is pissing me off.

i go back and forth between taking all the doors to get dipped and just painting over the peeling mess. except, i don’t like the color swatches that i’ve been staring at for two years; i guess it’s a good thing i hadn’t bought the paint yet.

i have a slow start to the menu items, so need to focus on that as i’d like to start picking up ingredients over the next three weekends instead of doing it in one haul if i can.


adulting is overrated

only somewhat regretfully, i didn’t get around to vacuuming this weekend, but i did take care of some brush and burdock in the yard with a fire.

the rest of the day was spent among friends, in the sun, or at a pub playing cribbage. i’d say it went well.

while i was making the fire, though, i wondered if i should host a memorial day weekend party myself. i do like making all the food and having friends over, but i would then also need to be the entertaining hostess and for sure wouldn’t be able to stay in the kitchen all afternoon.

i guess i have a week or so to make that decision.

a relaxing start

yesterday, it started raining at the exact moment that i wanted to head out so that i could be among humans with whom i don’t work. since i didn’t want to suit up in rain gear or sit at the pub in wet jeans, i opted to stay home. it was a good choice as the batch of pumpkin ball treats were very nearly depleted (i only had enough left for one walk), so i turned on the oven and started mixing up ingredients.

then the sun came out.

i briefly considered throwing the dough in the fridge and making a break for it, but i had already told the dogs we were staying in for the night. and, unlike some people, i’m a man of my word.

one batch of the biscuit dough does three cookie trays’ worth, so that took over an hour for the baking time. after that was all done, it was time for hair dying.

i alternate between special effects napalm orange and overtone’s deep orange color while the bleached part grows out and then bleach roughly every six months. my last bleach was the first week of november; i remember this because i had to wait until after halloween so people wouldn’t think it was part of a costume.

i don’t really love the stark contrast when i bleach/dye, i think it looks a lot better when the roots start nearing 1/2″, but, without paying someone else way too much to get that result, i have to go this route.

last bleach time, i used a yellow manic panic to mix up the hues and i think it turned out well, so i did it again.

the lighting in the house at night is a little warm, but you get the idea.

typically, i’ve been meeting josh for cribbage brunch on the weekends, but i decided last night that i didn’t want to make an appointment for 9 am, so i actually slept in (til 8) and took the dogs on a nice walk, worked on my bujo spread for next week, and decided that i ought to meet peyton and maureen for lunch. so i’m headed downtown to the tipsy cow soon; hopefully, the farmer’s market crowd doesn’t overtake the restaurant.

maybe i’ll pop into mickey’s on my way back home, just to put in an appearance.

nearly there

i finished up the painting, let it dry, and placed the carpet treads down to see how they look and i think it looks okay. i haven’t taped them down yet cuz i want to make sure jones is okay with using them (merle always shimmied up the outside of the plastic treads, so unsure what she’ll do now). it definitely makes walking on the steps a lot quieter.

now i need to clean up the wood trim (or should i paint it?), but i’ll save that for another snowy day.

almost done!

the paint went on so well with the cutting-in brush that i just kept at it instead of using the roller. i went heavy on the risers and light on the treads just to make sure i had enough paint. i ended up with a bunch leftover, so when this coat dried, i went over it once more with a roller to make sure i got all the risers.

i used a spotlight so i think i got everything, but it’s not like anyone would be able to see imperfections with just the hallway light on.

made it

well, i made it to today. it didn’t feel like i would for a while there. the feeling i keep coming back to is that of betrayal. having the faith that you’re with a lifetime partner and that disappearing is the embarrassing thought that overwhelms me, and the frustrating notion that follows is whether or not i’ll find or even trust someone else to be with. what if i don’t?

anyway, it wouldn’t be birthday week without a project, since i can’t just relax and do vacation stuff. i prepped the stairs on saturday with the intention of priming them yesterday while merle was at the vet, but we know now how that went.

i had to cut in a lot, thankfully i had a good teacher when i bought the house. that took a little over an hour, so i hooked up the fan and had lunch.

after it was clearly dry, i busted out the roller and covered the rest of the blue. it didn’t coat as well as i would like, so i think i’m going to need to touch up the risers at least, since the treads are going to be mostly covered with carpet, i don’t have much concern with the coverage on them except for 2-3″ on either edge.

this afternoon, i have a dentist appointment and then am meeting a couple of friends at “the mezz”, which is the bar inside of festival foods. since there’s not much time between now and the dentist, i think i’ll apply the actual paint tomorrow.


i just dropped merle off at the vet to get her teeth cleaned. i have varying levels of nervousness when it comes to animals and sedation. i suppose i should get over it. they’re doctors and they know what they’re doing. although, i thought that about the ferret doctor when i took zona in to get the growth removed from her tail and she didn’t wake back up.

i should be painting the steps right now but i haven’t worked up the gumption yet.

judy came over on friday to fix the risers that had fallen and also removed all of the plastic treads. i washed them on saturday, which was probably the first time they’d ever been cleaned. they look kinda nice now, aside from the fact that they’re blue.

slept okay

thanks to the muscle relaxer, i slept through, but woke up at 5:30. i started work around 7, so the schedule of the day shifted greatly.

i had planned on working from home because the weather was predicted to be 38° and rainy (my least favorite, if you recall) so i scheduled picking a friend up to come over and fix the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

the second and third risers appeared to be held in place by nails and caulk (maybe they all are?):

i wanted to get them flush back up because i’m going to paint them and put carpet treads on. i think that’s why jones has stopped coming upstairs to sleep, cuz he might slip on those stupid plastic treads.

i can’t believe it’s taken me nearly 11 years to start this project. anyway, the treads are gone, the risers are flush, and i get to make a trip to menards tomorrow to get primer and caulk. i should probably locate the paint scraper unless that went with matt and the toolbox.

oh, yea, i also need to get a toolbox. i have one from my dad but i don’t think i want to use it.

dreary day

this is my least favorite biking weather; 32° and rain. it also means that i won’t want to leave the house when i’m done working this evening. which is fine, i guess; i’m getting used to the routine.

i typically get home around 3:30, jones begs for a walk until about 4, then we go for a walk, i work until about 5:30 and then feed the dogs and clean up the dishes from last night’s dinner. i knit for a while on the couch until 6:30 and then start dinner. i knit and watch the office while dinner is cooking. then i eat, knit some more, and go to bed when i get tired.