dreary day

this is my least favorite biking weather; 32° and rain. it also means that i won’t want to leave the house when i’m done working this evening. which is fine, i guess; i’m getting used to the routine.

i typically get home around 3:30, jones begs for a walk until about 4, then we go for a walk, i work until about 5:30 and then feed the dogs and clean up the dishes from last night’s dinner. i knit for a while on the couch until 6:30 and then start dinner. i knit and watch the office while dinner is cooking. then i eat, knit some more, and go to bed when i get tired.


photo dump with updates

matt trimmed:


schmoo was happy to see something outside


the gals, chillin’


the walk to our tent from the closer porta potties


the land of sunshine stage that was in a crater


the view from my hammock on sunday


another view


the top of the land of sunshine stage from our campsite

one of the diyss hidden in a part of the camp that i didn’t get to very much

the view from where i had to go to call matt, the main entrance is off to the left

parking lot a

main stage schedule


packing list


merle likes to be close

dehydrating eggs+polenta, this turned out really well, actually


“when i am not close, i am tiny.”

nora has mastered the art of sleeping crooked



or, “what did you do on your friday night?”

since i’m hitching a ride with some acquaintances to EF17, i want to pack lite, which means i’m trying out food dehydration. since i had some of my overnight oats* all ready to go, i decided to give it a go.

the dehydrator instructions for fruit leather said to grease the tray with something, but since my breakfast isn’t supposed to be greasy, i went with a light avo spray and made sure it went on extra thin. i spread out the oats that i had (two-servings-worth) and turned on the machine:

this is what it looked like after one hour:

and after two, i flipped it over:

after three and four hours:

i let it rest in the machine for the night, as it would likely dehydrate more, and i was tired of checking on it.

in the morning, i cut it up into what i thought was two servings and decided to try the jet boil to taste the results:

it wasn’t as sweet as fresh, which is surprising since the almond milk that i use is the less-sweet sweetened kind. i guess i didn’t realize how much sweet it imparted. after i made the amount that i thought was correct, i found that even half of that was enough for a morning get-me-going meal. so, i might have enough to take to the festival without having to fuss with more.

the next trial will be scrambled eggs and polenta. and if everything about this fails, i have some boxes of zatarain’s rice meals to pack.

*my recipe is a slight modification to the one in oh she glows, but it’s very similar.

israeli couscous circle salad

i just spent way too long searching my blog for this salad, which i want to make for lunches next week.

israeli couscous circle salad

i will also put the ingredients here in case tablespoon ever goes away

1 cup Israeli couscous
1 can chickpeas
1 1/2 cups peas
1/2 cup pine nuts
1 package grape tomatoes
1 package pearl mozzarella
3 lemons
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
1 handful parsley
1 small onion
1 clove garlic

detox three, day three

i received a compliment on the seasoning scent of my lunch yesterday, so i passed the recipe along. while the chickpea kale curry is tasty, it’s missing either spice or sweet. i had even added some coconut nectar to give it something. i remember it being close to sensational last time.

the turkey burgers were both annoying to make and not very tasty. i don’t like touching meat to make the patties; i could have bought pre-pattied turkey, but i needed to add stuff to make it ‘thai’, fish sauce being an ingredient. i forget how salty the recipes are in gwenyth’s books (as opposed to the goop site).

i made an extra burger for tonight, but think i’m going to skip it. i have a project that i need to start an finish for the pantry and i can’t be spending two hours in the kitchen after work.

so, the detox will come to an end today. perhaps i’ll celebrate with a latte.

detox three, day two

the niçoise salad was pretty good; i think i could have seasoned up the tuna a little, and i forgot the avocado, but all in all, it was tasty. i even didn’t hate the arugula and radicchio.

i did stop to see matt and have a drink after work, but life is about moderation, not exclusion and depravity. while i was putting the menu together and reading through gwenyth’s cookbook, it occurred to me that it could be pretty simple to maintain the unprocessed/no sugar/still yummy food lifestyle; especially now that i eat bird. so, i’m allowing myself to create my own rules for this one.

keeping with my daily kombucha is helping. during previous fasts, there wasn’t a whole lot of movement until day four, if you know what i mean, and i was lethargic and bloated. who wants to do that voluntarily for a week?

i spent longer than wanted making the next meal (chickpea and kale curry) and didn’t sit down to dinner until shortly after 8, but the turkey chili didn’t let me down.

for some reason, in the recent past, i’d gotten used to having a couple spoonfuls of green tea or strawberry ice cream (haagen daas doesn’t put a bunch of crap in their ice cream), so mangoes are my dessert this week, and they’re a pretty good substitute.

my egg drop soup breakfast was tasty and i was sweating before i left the house. halfway to work, i realized that i was biking way faster than usual and i’ll attribute that to not stuffing my face for dinner and having calories before leaving the house (normally, i don’t eat anything until around 10a). we’ll see if my theory holds up the rest of the week.

detox three, day one

after the lunch last thursday made me feel so badly, i decided it was probably about time for another elimination.

i used a little bit of the last two menus from goop and added in some meals from gwenyth’s “it’s all good” cookbook.

i also made a granola bar from angela liddon’s “oh she glows every day”, just to replace the apparent daily latte i started getting from porter; it has a tiny bit of caffeine.

i also decided not to eliminate my daily kombucha. i really do feel like it has a positive effect on my digestion, and that’s important with this food plan.

so, day one was supposed to be egg drop soup for breakfast, but i misunderstood how slowly the bone broth would defrost. i had also planned for turkey chili and niçoise salad for lunch/dinner the first two days, but one of the jars of salad slipped and hit the fridge and busted. some choice words followed and matt, thankfully, cleaned it up because i was trying to figure out how to salvage the hard boiled egg that i was convinced did not have shards of glass.

after a little shuffling, i had the turkey chili for lunch and we shared pressure cooked chicken legs and black rice for dinner.

i started getting a headache around 4p but i think it was because of the low pressure.

feelin’ blue

for an unknown reason yesterday afternoon, i started to feel rather down. i’m going to blame the very unhealthy deluxe grilled cheese and fries that i had for lunch at the echo.

the dogs tried to cheer me up when i got home, but it really wasn’t working. so i sat on the couch with the netflix fireplace movie on tv and knitted for a bit. then i went to bed unusually early.

i slept too long and woke up with puffy eyes and feel pretty groggy this morning. i’m still blaming my lunch yesterday and probably won’t be going back to the echo anytime soon. especially since they charged me $1.50 for soda water. wtf.

if i’m going to spend $9 for a sandwich and carbonated water, i’d rather spend it at porter on a bocadillo.