weird dreams

the first weird dream i remember from last night was rodney and i going to some old guys farm house to look at a dog to adopt. the dog was about three years old and an australian shepherd who was mostly white but with big brown splotches. he had two beautiful blue eyes, you know the kind. and his name was judy. judy, because of the crosby stills nash and young song, suite: judy blue eyes. judy was very well trained and behaved.

the second dream gave me goosebumps that woke me up. i was at a weird outdoor party and kept trying to dance but the ground was slanted and slippery so i ended up back out in the “garden” and someone asked if i wanted to go look at all the flowers with them. there were some witchy-looking ladies at the entrance and one had a bowl/branch/terrarium thing with albino ball pythons all over it. one of the snakes jumped on me and started crawling around. the lady said, “the earl of snakes is a healer! the rest of the snakes will want to meet you.” and i said i liked snakes, so it was fine. they all started crawling around my neck and face and that’s when i woke up.

rando update

more weird dreams last night. some about the doll factory, some about my mom wanting to pursue a startup app that did something like project management and i refused to participate (i think she wanted me to do the programming and i don’t have experience in mobile-app-programming). then i found myself at a bookstore looking for a book whose name escapes me right now, but i really needed to find it. i wish i could remember the name because it was poignant and catchy.

anyhoo, rodney and i had another spectacular weekend. we got to have brunch with mom and george at sardine, rodney had the best hamburger in his life and now it’s ruined the mickey’s burger for him.

i wasn’t feeling too human on sunday morning, so i decided to forego the previously planned trip to costco, which meant i needed to replan lunches for the week; so i opted for the slow-cooker chicken taco soup, which is the easiest thing in the world to make.

i’m hoping we can get to costco tonight or tomorrow night, as i have the wordpress meetup on wednesday and the atwood pantry board meeting on thursday.

also, stress dreams

it’s been a while since i’ve dreamed about the doll factory, but last night it felt like it went on and on for hours. i remember zipper, skip and kelly making an appearance, and there was a lot of walking around the cube farm trying to find people… except, of course, it wasn’t the same layout or people. i remember waking up, feeling relieved and a little irritated.

i’m so glad i don’t work there anymore.

need to record this

i had a very vivid and weird dream that woke me up at 5a, so it should be documented.

tornadoes, a lot of my mom’s crocheted afghans, my friends colin, shannon, and chris, made cameo appearances. the end of the dream was my friend colin watching me lose consciousness as my lips turned blue from the pressure of the tornado overhead.


last night, i had all three of my stress-dream topics in one. cracked iphone, inconvenient bathrooms, and the inability to get all of my things in my hands/pockets/bag.

i was even cognizant of now having my new iphone 6s because the old iphone was the one that got cracked (in the dream) and i remember responding to the person who told me about the accident that it was okay because i that was my crappy phone and i had my new phone at home.


not sure where this came from, but i dreamed i was in some sort of menards-off-broadway electronic store and i found a 4’x4′ wacom tablet for something like $74.99 and was overjoyed, since the teeny tine 4″x5″ one i purchased in real life college was over $200.

andromeda one

i dreamed that i was with my old pal, jesse, and we were trying to find somewhere to get work done. we ended up at this weird building, which i determined was my chiropractor’s office on the west side, even though it looked nothing like it. i needed to use the bathroom (that stress-dream topic again), and was told i could go inside briefly. i noticed that the people in the office were all acting really paranoid and being very twitchy. i went outside to tell jesse what had happened and no one was out there.

scared, i pulled out my phone, which was no longer an iphone, but a candy-bar phone with the numeric/alphabet buttons. however, it had predictive text and really bad auto-correct, so i couldn’t text jesse to ask where he was.

i went back inside and the place had transformed into a weird hall with pod-like rooms up and down the sides, and a diner/restaurant. the people were all hiding, or running around being paranoid, like my first visit.

i came to learn that the place was called andromeda one, and there was a commissioner, or some dude in charge, that had everyone on high alert. he would switch into normal-looking clothes (janitor’s overalls, businessman’s suit) and try to catch people breaking whatever the rules were in order to punish them. sometimes you could call him on it, citing a statute that covered the exception to whatever rule he “caught” you breaking, other times, the person was hauled away, either screaming or pale and silent.

some guy befriended me and pulled me into his pod. he wanted to help me get ahold of jesse. we were somehow able to communicate with jesse and i found out that we were both in two worlds at the same time. one of us was on the strange planet (i can’t remember what his was called), and the other was on earth, in the building, where the other inhabitants were, running around being paranoid. it explained my first visit into the chiropractor’s office.

then i woke up.


after nine months of working at the new place, i’m having dreams with these people instead of the other people.

last night, i dreamed i was tackled by a tiny yellow cow, a hairy purple/red fuzzy creature, a guinea pig, and something that was all white but i can’t remember now.

additionally, i was in some church where everyone had ipads and iphones and we were all playing clash of clans, but the deal was that you had to team up with people and pass your ipad around. but, someone lost mine and didn’t seem very regretful about it.

then, a current coworker, with whom i don’t really work because he’s in portland, showed me how to steal people’s army if they were on the same network as my phone, using an application called WIX. i remember being very excited that i took millions of little army dudes from people.

then i woke up.

silly, silly brain

i keep having dreams that i’m back at the ol’ place. it’s dark, dreary, and boring. the people are usually walking around like unmotivated (except for by their task master) zombies and no one is happy.

and then i wake up, smiling.

odd dreams

for the past few months, i’ve been having weird dreams that i’m back at the old place. (in my dream) last night, i had lunch with a couple people with whom i would never lunch. i also remember walking past a few others in the hall, giving them a snarl.

at least it’s nice to wake up to a happier reality.