foods and dogs

i finally perfected the turkey burgers and had to write the recipe down because it’s quite different from the one with which i started. i also learned that using frozen and thawed meat doesn’t make for the best burger assembly; it’s better to use it unfrozen. i remember mom making burger patties with a tupperware burger press and freezing them for future use; that may be the next test i administer. during the last turkey burger meal, i realized that a 1/2 lb burger isn’t something i want to fit in my gullet in one sitting, so rodney opted to take the portion that i wasn’t going to eat.

turkey burger with gorgonzola

something was wrong (or right?) with my sniffer, and i decided that i didn’t want stinky cheese on my burger, so i went with feta.

and a big ol’ onion.

along with homemade crinkle fries.

another evening, we had the simplest, easiest ever meal; gnocchi with chicken sausage and broccolini.

sur la table was having a huge sale last week, so i treated myself to a new porcelain roaster; this one is a little bigger than the le creuset that i got late last year. it lends itself better to lasagne!

and now for some dogs

a relaxing start

yesterday, it started raining at the exact moment that i wanted to head out so that i could be among humans with whom i don’t work. since i didn’t want to suit up in rain gear or sit at the pub in wet jeans, i opted to stay home. it was a good choice as the batch of pumpkin ball treats were very nearly depleted (i only had enough left for one walk), so i turned on the oven and started mixing up ingredients.

then the sun came out.

i briefly considered throwing the dough in the fridge and making a break for it, but i had already told the dogs we were staying in for the night. and, unlike some people, i’m a man of my word.

one batch of the biscuit dough does three cookie trays’ worth, so that took over an hour for the baking time. after that was all done, it was time for hair dying.

i alternate between special effects napalm orange and overtone’s deep orange color while the bleached part grows out and then bleach roughly every six months. my last bleach was the first week of november; i remember this because i had to wait until after halloween so people wouldn’t think it was part of a costume.

i don’t really love the stark contrast when i bleach/dye, i think it looks a lot better when the roots start nearing 1/2″, but, without paying someone else way too much to get that result, i have to go this route.

last bleach time, i used a yellow manic panic to mix up the hues and i think it turned out well, so i did it again.

the lighting in the house at night is a little warm, but you get the idea.

typically, i’ve been meeting josh for cribbage brunch on the weekends, but i decided last night that i didn’t want to make an appointment for 9 am, so i actually slept in (til 8) and took the dogs on a nice walk, worked on my bujo spread for next week, and decided that i ought to meet peyton and maureen for lunch. so i’m headed downtown to the tipsy cow soon; hopefully, the farmer’s market crowd doesn’t overtake the restaurant.

maybe i’ll pop into mickey’s on my way back home, just to put in an appearance.


i can’t wait for dst this weekend. i keep going to bed stupidly early, waking up for 1-2 hours in the middle, and then finally waking up at 6.

it makes for weird dreams. last night, i dreamed i was taking a flight somewhere but we (i don’t remember seeing the face of whomever i was traveling with) didn’t get onboard with our tickets on time, so i ended up on the top of a plane while we made a temporary landing somewhere in order to get me correctly booked on the flight. it was weird.

then i woke up and smoosh and i played belly-tickles for a little while. she rolls over and i tickle her while she tries to play-bite me. it’s fun. :)

photo dump with updates

matt trimmed:


schmoo was happy to see something outside


the gals, chillin’


the walk to our tent from the closer porta potties


the land of sunshine stage that was in a crater


the view from my hammock on sunday


another view


the top of the land of sunshine stage from our campsite

one of the diyss hidden in a part of the camp that i didn’t get to very much

the view from where i had to go to call matt, the main entrance is off to the left

parking lot a

main stage schedule


packing list


merle likes to be close

dehydrating eggs+polenta, this turned out really well, actually


“when i am not close, i am tiny.”

nora has mastered the art of sleeping crooked


let there be light

it’s really nice that it’s light out after i leave work, and after this weekend, it’ll be light longer. my time in the winter always feels more fleeting. especially around the holidays, when it’s shared with many others.

next week, it’s supposed to hit 50°! it’ll feel good to be able to bike to work without layers and layers and boots and covering every square inch of skin.

work is going okay. the big project that was supposed to launch last week didn’t, and one of our developers has a health issue so he resigned. it left a couple of the senior devs piled upon.

we took merle and burnie to the vet last weekend, and were told that merle has luxating patella in both legs and one of them is worse and she’ll need a $1,200 surgery. :/

what’s in your bag

i keep meaning to catalog and participate in cool tools’ what’s in your bag? series of posts. it’s a feature on his site, reminiscent of timbuk2’s whats in your bag and part of the every day carry phenomenon. the difference between cool tools and the other sites is that they’ll give you $100 if they feature your bag; and my bag is nothing if not featurable.

i started a list of components and quickly became overwhelmed with the thought of pulling everything out of the pockets in order to photograph, and then putting it all away, back in the right spots.

in work-related news, i’ve been made project manager for one of our design-firm clients and it’s gotten me a little stressed out (among other personal issues). new projects/situations usually do this.

i’ll leave you with a photo of merle. she did this to herself.


it’s already mid-november

time is fleeting.

the summer flew by almost without warning. our second csa came to an end recently. i still have purple potatoes to use up. hopefully they’ll stick around until thanksgiving cuz i want to scallop them.

jones is getting more and more grey around the face. nora’s lips are getting just slightly more old-lady-dogish.

winter has finally arrived, it’ll be a high of 29° today and there’s a light dusting on the ground.

my biking to work hasn’t been too much of a pain yet. other than the fact that i’m more sweaty when i get to work than i was in the summer. lots of layers.

last winter, i had thought of making some sort of wool “skirt” to wear around my pants because my thighs get cold. mom gave me her snow pants, but this skirt-thing would be handy for when it’s not really that cold out. maybe we’ll have to stop at joanne fabrics while running errands this weekend.

what a week

i can’t believe it’s already friday!

i met with a friend about his website last night, so i get to work on that soon. i’ve been toying with the llc idea. need to talk someone about how that works with quarterly taxes, business checking accounts, etc. maybe i can get myself one of those fancy new macbooks and write ‘er off!

anyway, today, i’m well rested. after wednesday night’s lack of sleep, last night was a welcome change. i did wake up a couple times, but no more than “average”. it’s okay, though. we’re getting into the habit of getting merle outside at least three times a night between the two of us.

on monday night, i woke to a feeling of wet at the foot of the bed. it was obvious that merle had relieved herself. i got up, smacked her on the behind (not very hard) and said, “no peeing on the sheets!” she looked up at me from the closet (where jones sleeps on a dog bed) with these huge, watery eyes and her tail down. i felt terrible immediately but didn’t want to give in. i laid down with my towel between me and the spot and fell back to sleep. an hour later, i woke up and tried to coax her back into the bed. she didn’t budge. around 4:30, when the birds start, i heard her whine. i got up to let everyone out; she went immediately.

after we came back upstairs, she got in the bed and we seemed to have formed a mutual understanding; if i wanted her to go outside, i had to let her outside (duh!), and if she wanted to be let outside, she had to tell me about it.

it’s been working out so far.

one thing i have noticed this week, that i’m not a huge fan of, is that my capacity for short term memory has decreased drastically in the last four days. i’m forgetting things that should not be so easily forgotten. i’ll be keeping a close eye on this as my mental abilities are one of my stronger points and that’s a feature of myself that i’d like not to lose.

speaking of, i’m starting chapter 2 of my shorthand book over; i find the repetition helps.