before i forget

i want to get some fimo with which to make earrings. since i’ve stretched to a 2 gauge, i’ve bought a couple different pairs of danglies and tunnels, but would like more and don’t want to spend a million dollars. plus, it’ll be fun.
a friend of mine used to do this (maybe she still does?) and i bet i could get advice from her.
*edit: nvm, i guess polymer is frowned upon when used in direct contact with skin for periods of time.


i wonder if i can spirograph on shrinkydink ‘paper’; i’m sure it’s been done before.
i should put my craft area to better use (than i have).

new toy

i forgot to take a picture of the finished product. it’s in the shed now and it’s pouring out, so you’ll just have to wait.
new machine


tomorrow morning, i’m headed to hans’ sewing center to pick up a brand new janome sewist 509 sewing machine. i starter a project today that took 1 hour to hand-sew a foot. and i have several more to go. i figure it’s a good investment for at least the upkeep up articles of clothing, if not for making new stuff for the house.
i even found myself keeping the 24″x5″ scrap of fabric today, just in case.
now i need to clear off the drafting table for projects.


i finished sewing the lining on the tie, and somehow got the whole thing turned right-side out. now i just need to press it flat and let it sit still overnight. just in time for tieing one on tomorrow.
also, i don’t hate hand sewing yet, but i did ask mom to keep her eyes out for a sewing machine at auctions and estate sales.


if it weren’t for all the money we’re going to be throwing around in the next couple weeks, i’d buy it for the new house.


told ya! i made the happy poo this afternoon.. the yarn was acrylic and my smallest needle wasn’t small enough, but here it is:
kurt thought i should put a sad face on the other side and use it at work to indicate my mood.
(click images for larger view—if you really want to.)


but i forgot to take pictures.. :/
i just finished the knot ugly shrug for someone at work, and a stocking cap for someone at works’ fiance.
i’m at work already. kurt got jones out of the bedroom to take him for a walk so i could sleep in, which woke me up so i got up at like 5:55 and thought about taking the bus long enough to check the schedule to find out that the trip planner on seems to be broken. so i drove instead.