it’s already mid-november

time is fleeting.

the summer flew by almost without warning. our second csa came to an end recently. i still have purple potatoes to use up. hopefully they’ll stick around until thanksgiving cuz i want to scallop them.

jones is getting more and more grey around the face. nora’s lips are getting just slightly more old-lady-dogish.

winter has finally arrived, it’ll be a high of 29° today and there’s a light dusting on the ground.

my biking to work hasn’t been too much of a pain yet. other than the fact that i’m more sweaty when i get to work than i was in the summer. lots of layers.

last winter, i had thought of making some sort of wool “skirt” to wear around my pants because my thighs get cold. mom gave me her snow pants, but this skirt-thing would be handy for when it’s not really that cold out. maybe we’ll have to stop at joanne fabrics while running errands this weekend.

more rocks

i’ve been getting better at wire wrapping more rocks… i’ve also gotten pretty good at guessing the gauge of wire that i need. the first four have 20g square and 21g half round. also, 5′ goes quickly; i think i’ve only wrapped 4 with the first 5′ batch i bought. i’ve ordered 22g of both square and half round for the next batch, and more than 5′ worth. i don’t have any pictures right now, so at this point, i would say, “cool story, bro.”
i do, however, have pictures of sleeping beings; i think i was the only one awake in the house for a moment.
martin seems to like to guard the sleepers.
nora tends to like to be uncomfortable when she’s tired.
matt had a long day, and jones was being empathetic.


while i was procuring my collection of healing stones for my mojo bag, matt fancied himself some fobs for his pocket watch.
i instantly became enthralled with this weird wire that held the stone in place. it isn’t sterling silver, but argentium silver. sterling mixed with something to keep it from tarnishing. here’s one of the fobs:
after searching the last remaining bead stores in the 608 area code, i uncovered argentium silver is either not popular, or too expensive to bother having in stock. so, after doing a little wire research, i bit the bullet and guessed at the gauges and ordered 5ft of each 18g half round dead soft and 21g square dead soft. following is my first attempt at wire wrapping anything in argentium:
you can’t see the marred wire, but i need to get different pliers that don’t have ridges… they’re called chain nose pliers.
my goal is to get good enough to set my opal into a nice pendant.

an update

facebook has made it too easy to ignore my blog… which kinda stinks because there are things that i’d like to document that are silly to put on facebook, cuz, who cares?
one of those things is that the chickens are hating this weather. it’s -2° today and i think the high will be 6°… the tips of their combs are turning a light tan, which is the start of frostbite, and their water heater has formed a crust of ice around half of the top of the bowl… i guess it wasn’t really meant for chickens, it *is* a dog water bowl. despite the cold, they’re still producing eggs. we got four yesterday, although one had frozen and cracked.
i’ve been working on a new craft… i’ve always wanted to make a duct tape wallet, but never really had the gumption. after an office event on wednesday provided some fancy patterns of tape, i started making them for co-workers! here’s one:
the kitties are getting along famously… burnie keeps the guys young.
however, she’s started to make funny noises and roll around on the rug in a weird way. we think she’s in pre-heat… so we need to get her in to be fixed. hopefully next friday. i’ll have to call the vet today.
the other night, martin tried to comfort her:
which was nice, because her little coos were starting to get annoying.


this weekend was warm.
we spent 3.5 hours on friday, running around farm n fleet and menards, trying to collect everything we needed for building the coop.
i just want to pause and say that corded power tools are amazing and no one should buy a battery-powered anything ever.
anyway, here’s a pictorial representation of the nine hours spent on saturday, building walls, nesting boxes, and the run:
the lawn was big enough to accommodate our project:
i’m eyeballing the size of a chicken… i hope it’s big enough:
how will i cut a round door?
oh! that was easy!

here’s where the chickens will run around… it’s an 8x8x3 box. it’ll eventually have a hinged lid so we can go in if need be.
inside the chicken hotel: two nesting boxes, baby pig feeder (perfect for chickens!) and a linoleum floor for ease of cleaning.
also, before we started this project, i poured over thousands of coop pictures online that people had posted, lamenting the fact that no one had instructions or measurements or guidance! they just had a really cool coop or tractor that i wanted to replicate but had no idea how. without the help of my sweety and my friend ben, it wouldn’t have happened. we’d been collecting scrap wood for a couple of years, and ben was able to look at the pile and turn it into something tangible.
so that’s why i really can’t offer a plan or measurements to you (if that’s why you ended up here)… we just put to use what we had.

yea, yea

i just remembered that i’ve had conductive glue for two years with the intention of turning the pointer finger of a glove into one that will allow me to use/unlock/answer my iphone.
and for two years, i haven’t done so.
and i just noticed that the thread, whose $20 price tag i balked at last year, is now $33! my goodness.


or tomorrow, we’re gunna make our severed head necklaces. last night, i had a really difficult time with a pattern in one of my knitting books. it got me frustrated enough to frog the few rows i’d started and put down the needles.
i’ve gotten a lot of comments about my pancakes t-shirts lately, which makes me want to pick up a smallish screen-printing kit and make my own silly-word t-shirts… if we do it well, and make it funny enough, we could sell them! textiles are cheap to ship because they’re not heavy. maybe that’s a good winter project. we just need to get the darn soft-goods room set up. :/

even tho

it’s not freezing out yet, i just remembered last winter i bought wire glue with the intention of making gloves with conductive fingertips in order to use touch-screen devices while wearing them.
i also now remember that, last winter, i answered my phone with my tongue because it was the only conductive part of my body that was quickly uncoverable. it was kinda weird and i don’t want to do that again.
so, this post is just to remind me to paint some of that glue onto a piece of fabric to test that it’ll actually work… since i’m too much of a cheapskate to shell out $20 for conductive thread.

slow news week

i guess that should be considered a good thing…
i’m going on day three of manicotti. it’s still tasty, but i think i overestimated my patience with the same food item on repeat. i also mis-portioned and have two days worth more than i planned for.
i was also inspired by a friend to work on a project that i think will turn out quite awesome, if i get my arse in gear. it’s a chess set with pieces of sushi/makizushi made from fimo (or sculpey, either one) and the board will look like woven nori and white nori. tho that is starting to sound too ambitious, so i’ll keep you posted.
the pieces will be as follows:

black, pawns: salmon roll, knights: ebi, bishops: seared maguro, rooks: unagi, queen: tobiko, king: ikura
white, pawns: avocado roll, knights: amaebi, bishops: maguro, rooks: anago, queen: uni, king: shrimp head

i tried keeping cooked sushi for black and raw for white, but had to use the shrimp head for the king because they typically serve that when you order amaebi.
also, doing research for this project should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. :/


i want to get back into making hemp chokers and bracelets. and more peyote stitch rings:

and i just found this lolcat meme that i submitted to some website three years ago: