things i’d like to do better, more often, continue:

  • braille! i’ve left it for so long that i’ll probably need to go back to lesson 4.
  • get out my paints and canvas. i’ve been admiring lawrence yang’s work for a while now.
  • go to the dog park at least once a month. we haven’t been since may or june and i think the dogs forgot about it.
  • get back to making worklunches.
  • stop leaving the kitchen in such a mess.
  • knit more. i still have a sweater to finish.
  • watch movies all the way through in one sitting.
  • read. at least an hour a week.
  • enjoy time. i spent a large part of the year wishing [whenever] would hurry up. things are enormously better now and i should remember to enjoy every minute of it.

you must think me lame

had a long weekend drive up north to see a friends’ family and celebrate a retirement. we went through the exact center of the state.
we also discovered that marshfield has some pretty strong feelings about some things:

i also received the ipad and case on friday but with my house and life in a bit of a chaotic state, i haven’t had a whole lot of time together with it. i carry it around and sing to it, but we haven’t bonded yet.
i’ve also been extremely lax in working on my braille certification. you see, i’ve become highly distracted and have very little energy to focus on that goal. i do, however, intend to fix my errors from lesson 7 and work on lesson 8 by the middle of june.

i like to do drawrings

i’ve kinda shied away from the lino cut idea, just for now. i think i need to focus on recalling my ability to draw and design. it’s been far too long.
i’ve pulled out an old sketchbook, which contained notes from life drawing, and my portfolio class (from 10 years ago!) and i will resurrect it for the purposes of design inspiration and sketchables.
aand, i’m kinda mad that i only just got a crock pot. i just put chopped onion, a can of diced tomatoes, a bag of crumbles, a can of water, and a bouillon cube into it. 4 minutes of work results in lunch for two days. amazing.
i have been thinking a lot lately about stuff i won’t put on the internets, even in this low-traffic medium; but i realize that i cannot expect any one to be my muse. except for me, of course.
also, i will complete and hand in braille lesson 7 today. i think.


i seem to have contracted some sort of springtime cold. but i can’t stay home from work because i’m taking friday off to spend the day with kurt for his bday (which is actually tomorrow).
and i don’t want to get sicker because tomorrow evening i’m going to see v.s. ramachandran speak at the union and it would be miserable if i were snorting and coughing the whole time.
i’ve been kinda lax in my braille lately. i haven’t even opened up my laptop except for maybe saturday mornings to check the weather forecast. i should be more diligent so i retain more.
also, this design*sponge post reminds me that i wanted to design a deck of cards a long time ago until i realized how much it would cost to print. but maybe i can do a block-printed set… which might not be any less expensive but could be more fun. that might be a good summer goal. i remember learning about why some kings have daggers and other have swords, and one-eyed jack (which made the “gentleman’s club” in twin peaks make a little more sense); this was all about 10 years ago.
time is silly.

lesson 7

i started working on lesson 7… each lesson reminds me of why i probably never finished my manuscript. it’s a very persnickety language. lower sign contractions can’t be used in conjunction with punctuation, except for the capital sign, etc, which means you can’t use (en) for enough when it’s written, “Enough!” because of the surrounding punctuation.
also, i bought yarn for the awesome reversible sweater; hopefully it arrives around the same time as the needles (i had to get those from a different online retailer).
yesterday marked six weeks of fresh air and better health.

awesome idea

we talk about some pretty weird things at lunch, but today i joked about a idea that i think might be really cool… a knitted braille poem for hanging display. i’d probably use hug o’ war since i have an affinity for it.

lesson 4

got it back today, error free. well, almost. the infringement wasn’t quite as harsh as breaking a rule, but the proofreader had to point it out. the library of congress does not recommend hyphenating a word over two pages, and i accidentally did.
so, since it wasn’t a broken rule, she indicated, “Thank you for your great work in preparing this lesson and I look forward to receiving Lesson 5.”
which brings me to the slow return of how difficult braille became the first time around. lesson 5 introduces whole-word contractions for child, shall, which, this, still, and out and part-word contractions for ch, sh, wh, th, st, and ou, each of which must be used except whe the contraction involves a prefix (mishap) or a non-hyphenated compound word (rawhide).
a friend of mine and i were wondering why computers haven’t been programmed to braille automatically, and i think it would be like writing an app filled with exceptions.
imagine user-acceptance testing that mess.

lesson 4

lesson for was emailed yesterday after another thorough proof-read. i wasn’t going to peek at lesson 5, but i did; it’s gunna be scary.
in other news, i’ve returned my favorite winter coat to columbia to take advantage of their lifetime warranty. the zipper pull basically just fell apart on friday, rendering the otherwise perfect coat useless. hopefully they don’t give me any grief since it was purchased at an outlet.

lesson 3

just got my report back from the instructor. no errors! it’s hard not to get cocky, but i will have to be very careful with lesson 4… it introduces all the complex rules i’ve already told you about.
i worked on it last weekend, and it made my grey matter shiver. so, i guess that’s good.

one-cell whole-word contractions

sorry if the braille bores you.
i worked on lesson 4 this weekend; i had forgotten about all the itty bitty rules. like the list of single letter abbreviations that must be memorized. but, can, do, every, from, go, have, just, knowledge, like, more, not, people, quite, rather, so, that, us, very, will, it, you, as. and then there’s the whole word contractions: and, for of, the, with… which can (unlike the previous list) and have to be used inside words in which they fall… as in c(and)y. but not if they cross a major syllable division! like professor.
in crafty news, i knit a little bit this weekend with my plarn. it’s a very difficult medium with which to knit.