after a long hiatus, i finally let myself get back on the bike and stop being chauffeured around. i’ve got what i dub “saddlebutt“, which is the painful feeling right in the rear that happens when one gets on one’s bike after not biking for over a month (or more). the pain is subsiding after day four 

my mood seems uplifted lately. i’ve been arranging most of the rooms in the house, donating or regifting things that i don’t need anymore. we have a dining table, we can use the kitchen counters, and the office is next. i’d like to clean up the bookshelves and start compartmentalize things in there.

i submitted a march madness bracket at wilson’s yesterday. it’s $10 to play… maybe i’ll win a bunch back!

work has been relatively more stressful lately. i asked for a mental health day next friday. i just need to make it five more business days. rodney’s birthday is the 30th, and i’m trying to figure out where we should go for dinner. graft, morris ramen, and rare are all in the running. i’m sure you’ll hear all about it after next weekend, gentle reader.

forgive me, father

for it’s been six days since my last bike ride.

it had been threatening to rain in the afternoon last thursday and friday, so rodney gave me a ride; saturdays and sundays i don’t get on the bike anymore; monday was torrential and yesterday i think i got lazy.

i really shouldn’t skip so many days tho, because the feeling while biking is wondrous. i almost started crying cuz i was so happy to be biking by the lake (or is it the hormones?), with the august sun on my arm and face. 

after the 3.5″ of rain we got on monday, lake monona is juuust barely almost up to the bike path near the terrace.

in other, unrelated news, my favorite pampered chef roaster broke last night. luckily it was after dinner and after all the chicken grease and oil had been cleaned off.

boo! :(

i’ve only had it for a little over a year, so i’m hoping my contact can get me a replacement (since they’re $55–i got this one on sale for $28).

sunny disposition

a friend once called me effervescent. i had no idea what it meant at the time.

a co-worker that recently left said he’d miss my bubbly personality.

i ran into a woman at a local coffee shop who said to her friend about me, “she always has such a sunny disposition!”

i’m glad these moments happen because they outweigh folks who know that i bike every day, all year and say (because the wind may have picked up or it’s sleeting a little), “you’re going to hate it out there.”

of course, i’m not going to hate it. i don’t hate anything, and i’m sorry that you’re so negative that you feel like you have to push your sad and grumpy attitude on someone who is clearly prepared to bike in a little wind or rain.

grow a pair, wouldya?

*edited to add that i’ve now also been described as frustratingly nice.

expensive cheap bike

i saw this fixie/single speed parked outside of cvs while on one of my walks at work. it was neat-lookin’ and i had grown tired of my sole bike, so i justified getting a second set of wheels, just in case. i bought myself a pure fix in october of 2014 and have since had to replace the grips, the brake cables, and both tires.

lately, the freewheel has been sticking, causing consternation when trying to coast, surprising me by momentarily becoming a fixed gear. well, last night, it finally broke.


apparently signs aren’t enough. maybe we need someone at the intersection 24/7 to explain how it works.

the lady in the black sweater was riding the middle line the entire time she was in front of me. then white-sweater rides up, thinking that because the atwood light was green, that meant she could cross on the diagonal bike crossing. thankfully, she saw that *our* light was red and that was why we were stopped.

they go on to discuss whatever inane opinion they have about traffic and stop lights, not seconds after black-sweater admitted to wanting to cross on the red because there was a break in the traffic.

this is why drivers hate bikers.


you can’t really tell, but the mama goose was hissing at me as i biked by.

why else?

last week, a guy asked if i was recording just for fun. he was going so fast that any answer other than “yep” would have gone unheard. i could have explained that i might catch the plates of a car that injures one of us, or that i wanted to record the baby geese learning to swim, or that seeing a camera on my helmet might deter someone from being malicious. but, he’ll never know that, cuz he thought it was funny.


on my way to work, i spotted a very pastoral-looking fella enjoying the east side community gardens. as i biked by, he announced, “orange orange orange! ha ha!”, except what i heard was, “it’s a morning for rejoicing!”.

so, i responded with, “mornin’!”

then i remembered that my helmet, coat, bag, and bike are orange.

already may!

i just know this summer is going to fly by as quickly as last. our party will come and go, june and july will zip by since we’re both working brunches, and all of a sudden, the students will be back and the leaves will begin to change.

meanwhile, i want to make a concerted effort to pick up my comicking again. i justified the purchase of my ipad two years ago because the stylus i wanted works with it. how silly, i know. so, i’d better start owning up to my unjustified justification.

in food news, i finally ordered my first le crueset. williams-sonoma has the 2 3/4 qt version of their dutch oven on sale for $150, which is over half off retail. it’ll be just the right size for a couple meals for me. and i can bake bread in it!

the whole household is doing well. the cats are loving the open windows. merle is too. she likes to try to say hi to everyone that passes with a dog, and that’s a lot of dogs.

work is still great. well, there’s one piece that stinks a lot, but the explanation doesn’t belong here. the work-work is great, anyway.

we’re now getting into the season of biking where i need to at least bring a change of shirt. it’s been *really* humid the last couple of days. i also might need to pare down the contents of my inside-bag to reduce weight. in the mornings, with my liquids and lunch and rain gear, it’s pushing 25lbs, i’m sure.