busy day

actually, it wasn’t that busy, it just felt hectic.

i was at work right up until 3 and biked home to walk dogs. they always seem lackadaisical when i’m in a bit of a hurry; i needed to squeeze in some rodney time between work and the wordpress meetup. around 5:10, i hopped on the bike to go back downtown (which means i made up for one of my days off the bike by putting in ~17 miles yesterday). 

the meetup was a great topic, but i’m a little disappointed in the lack of rsvp management from participants. as of 5 pm, there were 20 folks confirmed and when the speaker started, there were a total of 10 of us, including the speaker. :/

after the meetup, i zipped back home and didn’t feel like making dinner, so i suggested burrito drive. fish tacos had been mysteriously missing from their online menu since sunday night, so i was holding off bringing them back into the rotation. i ordered the grilled chicken burrito and rodney got the house chimi. after placing the order, my phone rang and it was them! the nice gal said that she didn’t know why the tacos weren’t online, but did i want them anyway? it’s probably the fourth time they’ve done this for me.

so we enjoyed dinner with some parks & rec and then called it a night.

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