all the animals like being in the bedroom now. it’s so cozy up there, even nero will put up with humans to be warm.


i started a sweater for merle. she’s not made for this kind of weather.


matt put a tie on nora last night. she was very proud.


during our errands this weekend, we stopped at farm and fleet because i am not allowed to steal matt’s carhartt hoodie. so, i got one of my own.

this morning, i looked at my weather app and it told me that it felt like -3° and i cringed. thankfully, i’ve been preparing for this weather for a while now and can’t believe that i ever biked in the winter without a balaclava. it’s been a life-changer.

i opted not to wear the carhartt because i’ve been getting too warm by the time i get to work, this morning was no exception. since the wind chill wasn’t going to let up all day, i wore the snow pants and it was as if it was 32° out. also, they fit better than they did last winter, which means all this biking is having a positive impact on my midsection.

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