blood pressure

i had my follow up appointment this morning so i drove and got there extra early so i could relax (hah!) in the waiting room. the nurse was running 20 minutes late, so i “relaxed” for 35 minutes.

the first reading was pretty high (but not as high as the last appt.) after we had been gabbing for a bit. she asked to take another reading after i told her about my anti-stress buzzy thing and how it reminds me to breathe slowly and fully. i got both numbers down 5-6 points, so we tried one more time after another five-minute break and i almost started crying because i was picturing merle and nora cuddling on the couch. after the reading, with which we were both pleased, she asked me why i looked like i was tearing up and i started bawling.

i revealed that i was thinking about my dog and how she was so sweet and calm and that i don’t think i’d really actually mourned her until today.

anyhoo, we determined my blood pressure can elevate because of stress and as long as i can keep it under control with focused breathing and awareness of boi-feedback, i’ll be okay.

but, i’m betting something will need to give.

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