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i just made this up yesterday, it’s loosely based off a recipe from an issue of vegetarian times that i saved in a binder. i don’t tend to measure things, so you might want to judge with your tastebuds.
squish squash salad
(four servings–or four lunches, for me)
one each good-sized zucchini and summer squash
one red bell pepper (really, it’s worth the extra $1. green peppers are lame!)
a handful of radishes
1 tbsp capers (no brine, unless you want)
a healthy squirt of lo-fat mayo
and even healthier squirt of dijon or any yummy brown mustard
a couple flings of dried dill
3/4 of one of those cute bags of elbow mac that woodman’s has for $0.29
cook pasta according to package directions. since you’ll be cold-rinsing, you want to err on the side of al dente otherwise it’ll get soft and weak.
slice up the squash and radishes with a mandoline set to pretty thin. USE THE GUARD. everyone i know who hates mandolines has cut themselves because they didn’t use the guard because “it’s faster”.
mix up the squash, radishes, and dressings in a large bowl (or two smaller bowls, sometimes that’s easier)
sprinkle with the dill and capers.
when the pasta is done, rinse with cold water and pat dry if you’d like. carefully scoop into the bowl(s) and fold into the veggies. the goal here is to get it to mix but not to crush the pasta.
serve at or near room temperature.