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You know what day it is.

1. You’re going out-of-town for a month and won’t be using your new car. Do you offer it to a friend who needs one?
Why would I buy a new car right before a vacation? Or a “you’re going to SF for a seminar for a month”, which would never happen. But yes, I’d let them use my old crappy car if they really needed it.
2. Your agent helped you when you were struggling. Now a large agency with powerful connections wants you. Do you dump your agent?
Can you rephrase the question?
3. The environmentally friendly laundry detergent costs two dollars more than the regular brand. Do you buy it?
I /have/, but it doesn’t seem to clean as well. I just use the Arm & Hammer brand cuz I’m allergic to all those scents and dyes and stuff.