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yea, today isn’t so great

i keep randomly tearing up while sitting at my desk. i feel like i messed up another meeting where we were going to show a walkthrough of a website to the client but i wasn’t clear and didn’t have prepared what the project manager wanted to show.

i need a better system for managing my brain—hopefully, this is a temporary hiccup and i’ll get back to being able to remember everything and have a handle on all the things for which i’m responsible. maybe need to start using things again.

tonight is the first wordpress meetup of 2018 and i want nothing more than to just go home and sit on the couch after work, but i can’t. i have to host and pretend i want to be there and smile and make small talk and act like everything is just fine and that wordpress is so much more interesting than anything else in the world.

i feel like i’m going to run out of fake-it juice before too long.