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it’s finally friday. this week has been kinda stressful all over; so i’m hoping the weekend is low-key. i got a call back from my isp in regards to my email this week… they said that everyone received the $3 increase email, but it didn’t affect everyone (i think they’re fibbing to save face, but whatever), and! they’re going to drop the monthly rental fee for the wireless router. booyah. i should speak up more when i’m disappointed in people or actions. it seems to work (100% of the time, at least as of right now).
this weekend is lutefisk in barneveld. i can’t even count the number of years i’ve been going… i think i’ve only skipped one in the last 15 or so. it’ll be nice to see everyone, it’s going to be a bigger crowd than usual so we’ll have to split up between tables. last year, matt and i sat at a separate table with some ladies who were very happy to see “such young folks” enjoying the meal. it was cute.
here are matt and i on halloween… we made severed head necklaces, but his broke.