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i forgot to tell you that we got a kitty!
a friend is moving and couldn’t keep his cat… so one day at lunch, he told me that he was planning on taking him to the humane society and i said, “why don’t you put up a sign here at work?” and then i said, “wait. matt wants a kitty. why don’t we take him?” and so it was.
his name is alexander tiberius great and he’s a super-sweety. he likes to come upstairs at night and sleep on the back of whichever one of us is on our tummy. he lays on the living room floor and stares at the birds but doesn’t seem to want to eat them too badly. he poops in his litter box and gets cuddly when we’re home. the dogs don’t seem to mind him and he completely ignores them… this morning, all three of them stared at us from the bottom of the bed.
it was almost a cuddle puddle, but i had to get up and get ready for work.