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wisconsin weather

i’m now the proud owner of no vehicle. i (more than likely) totaled it on the way home today…
starting at noon, i tried to get my boss to let me leave early. he seemed to think it was some sort of principal that we should all stay it out. well, finally at 4:30, the big kahunas gave everyone the go ahead to leave. so i did.
so did another co-worker, who is from oklahoma, and admittedly has a hard time driving in these conditions. well, she managed to go sideways and end up straight in front of me as my car came to a halt; the front end under hers.
i put it in park, but the car kept moving… the hood was all crumpled up. my radiator was leaking all over the ground, my left headlight was pointing at the sky, and i was freezing.
so, now i have to get a new car.
and i am currently blaming my boss for not letting me leave early.