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a debaucherous weekend, for sure.
on friday, we grabbed lunch when i got home, went to woodman’s and got a bottle of kahlua to thank our neighbor for taking care of the street and everyone’s driveway on wednesday afternoon.
it was girls’ night out, so i freshened up my hair color and we headed out to the inferno for some chicago house. it wasn’t quite as i remembered (fewer strong, black, female vocals), but i was able to get my groove on. the crowd wasn’t as big as months past, but i think it’s cuz of the weather.
on saturday, i awoke with a craving for la hacienda. whenever i tell people that’s my favorite mexican restaurant, i usually get boos and hisses and am told precisely how stupid i am (i love it when people get that defensive over cuisine). i also thought it would be a good use of our time to host a two-person pub crawl. so we cabbed over to the restaurant and proceeded to walk our way back home, while stopping at a few select places. our notes are as follows:
pubcrawl feb ’11
the echo: really drunk kid with his mum, barely successful sober cribbage (i lost), “perfectly satisfied f&$!ing customers” (bartender quote).
the ‘dise: pool (i won), playboy (it was being passed around for comment), bathroom idea*.
up north: good music, good bartender, a free beer.
wisco: darts (i won), the dark night, tshirts(?).
mickeys: tony, jaeger bombs.
*our million dollar idea… more to come.
sunday was a lazy one, at least for me. i slept in late and got tired very early. unfortunately, my early bedtime resulted in a not-so-sleepy night. i think i woke up at 2, refused to look at a clock, and couldn’t fall back to sleep til 6. of course, that was minutes before the alarm was to go off. oh well, we can sleep when we’re dead, right?