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Who is up at /6/ on a Sunday?

Unless you’re over 60, no one should be. I got home from hanging out with Kelli, Adam and Joan at 1:15 and immediately fell into bed. I woke up just now with my nose and toes almost frozen off. Which means our furnace just got turned back on for the winter. It smells kind of “old”. But it sucks because the thermostat is in the living room (which is the sunniest and warm room in the house) leaving the bedrooms and bathroom to be continuously cold. And another thing. If you work 3rd shift and live on the first floor under someone who probably doesn’t, (you know this because you’ve lived here for over a year) don’t play your f*cking music so loud at 5:30a. I can’t sleep in my bed because I don’t share the same schedule with aforementioned neighbor. I can’t sleep in Kurt’s bed cuz his room is an ice cube and I can’t sleep on the couch because there’s a Kurt there.