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what a nice weekend

friday night, we went to grampa’s again. i feel like this might be a repeating event for friday nights… as long as we get there before 6; that seems to be when they start getting overly busy.
on saturday, i was awake at 7:30. :/ we walked the dogs and then ran for the first time in two and a half weeks. it wasn’t so bad, i’d like to keep it up i guess.
then matt put the trailer on the bike and we went to pick up our fourth csa (i can’t believe it’s been two months already!)
later that night, i made cauliflower popcorn and cornbread, and we made one-pot spaghetti.
we watched a lot of six feet under (we’re on the last season!) and went to bed.
i got these quiet spot dog tag silencer things because they tend to shake their heads when they want us to get up, resulting in their tags making a lot of noise. this will no longer happen. so on sunday, the dogs let me sleep til about 9.
i walked them and fiddled around in the house, cleaning up from the previous night’s dinner. i got myself to mickey’s for brunch, and both my mom and my cousin informed me that they’d be on their way! what a nice surprise.
after brunch, i came home to make kombucha and realized i didn’t have enough sugar. then, when matt got home, i realized i didn’t have any tea. :/ so we made an emergency trip to woodman’s.
then i made dal in my new pressure cooker. it was so yum.