Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


this past weekend came and went in a blur. friday morning, we got all of the stuff for food making. matt spent all afternoon stapling a billion dollars worth of hardware cloth to the run. luckily, we told the lady at the farm that we’d be there between 4 and 6, and i think we got there at 5:30. we had stopped off at culver’s because we were both low blood sugaring.
the farm had near 200 chickens, a garage filled with caged, crowing roosters, two turkeys, funny geese, a male and two female peacocks, and some funny upright ducks.
we brought six pullets home and hopefully they’ll all remain female.
the annual party was a rousing success. we think it was the best one yet! all the food was eaten; i think i’m getting better at judging how much to make. the fire in the grill was a nice touch; beer was used to douse it.
we had a little drum circle which was fun, and everyone petered out at the same time around midnight. it was nice to be able to sleep in on sunday! i think we *actually* got out of bed around 11:30.
now that the coop and chickens are all put in place, we’re going to clean out and tidy up the day spa in order to make room for containers for their food and bedding, and any other items that need to be hidden from mice.
sweetie’s bday is sunday, so i think we’re going to grab some sushi on friday, enjoy our time together on saturday.