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what just happened?

this was the first weekend without him.

i was only slightly productive in moving some things around in the bedroom and vacuuming. it’s nice to be able to have the upstairs front room door open (since the cats are gone); it lets the daylight in. it’s also nice to have the study door open.

i was supposed to get brunch with p&m on saturday, but shark week has started, and my cramps were dictating that i stay home. i was able to get to woodman’s and made some roasted chicken with asparagus. sunday, i was a little early to meet an ex-AG-coworker and ran into an old friend who was out of town for almost a year. it was good to see him. then my brunch date showed up and i got to belly-laugh for the first time in what seemed like forEVER.

my sleep schedule got all mixed up and i wasn’t in shape to be productive at work today, but i brought merle anyway, and we had an okay time. she started to get a little antsy around 1330 so we came home early. i love that place. the flexibility and people and trust is really the best thing right now as i figure out wtf my life looks like now.