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this has been the longest 4-day week ever! since fridayfive is no more, i thought i would try to make up my own for today.
1. what’s one thing you’ve done this week to help someone?
i took notes at a meeting that didn’t have a notetaker until i showed up.
2. what are two things you’ve eaten recently that you don’t normally eat?
the cafe lunch special (veggie lasagne), and cream of mushroom soup by /progresso/.
3. what are three things you’ve tried doing better?
i’ve tried smiling while i drive, laughing til i cry at least once a day, making someone else laugh at least once a day.
4. what are four things you do habitually every day?
coffee, string cheese, v8, yogurt.
5. what are five things you will do this weekend?
eat at la hacienda, grocery shop, play pool, yoga, poker.