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so, i think i misplaced my very expensive arcteryx raincoat; just in time for the monsoon that came down on my commute home last night. my weather app told me that it was drizzling when i left work, and by the time i got to the terrace, there were gusting winds and the rain was pelting down sideways. i took refuge next to one of the buildings where it wasn’t really getting wet, but since the rain was sideways, i wasn’t really dry.

two other bikers stopped, one commiserated with me but mentioned that it was still faster than a car at rush hour.

surprisingly, i wasn’t infuriated by the rain; even tho i was clad only in my jeans, t-shirt, and a very thin hoodie. i had, still, 3 miles to go and opted to take jeni st instead of the bike path because i didn’t catch the lights and i figured the trees would offer some coverage. by the time i got to the atwood/division intersection, the only part of me that was dry was my back where my bag lay.

i was very happy to get home and had to strip in the kitchen so i could throw everything into the dryer. my shoes sat on a sideways box fan all night in order to remove the squishy wetness.

thankfully, the rest of me dried off quickly.