Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


i read cookbooks like most people read novels. i have an (un)healthy obsession with collecting cookbooks. i like dissecting recipes that i love so i don’t have to pay $4/lb for pasta from the coop, or making something meaty with seitan instead.
so, while rereading my favorite vegan cookbook this weekend, i finally learned about mirepoix. i feel a little foolish, but not as foolish as mispronouncing orecchiette to a graduate of cordon blue… i’ll never forget how to say it now.
since this last weekend’s csa yielded some beautiful carrots and onions, i just needed to stop on off at jenni st market to get the celery. i thought of just making soup, but matt doesn’t really like vegetables, so we decided to make stock. i’ve never made homemade stock before; it turned out just wonderfully.
so, after doling enough out to freeze for some time in january, when it’s so cold we can’t even go outside, we made potato leek soup; the potatoes also being from the csa.
and we ate it while sitting around the fire in the back yard. it was a perfect autumn equinox dinner.