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i don’t remember a whole lot about last night’s dream, except for it seemed like i was on a trip with coworkers, with which i dont normally work, and i remember going to an organic restaurant that had stuff set out like a buffet, except it was done really poorly.. like, just a cookietray of some sort of vegan not-cheese snack on whole grain crackers, and a bowl of half-gone potato salad. but the patrons were all snotty about being there, “this is the most marvelous place for my diet.” “i don’t have to go to the gym after lunch here!” weirdly californian.
also, we were flying out from wherever we were, and the snotty restaurant made us late, so we had to beg them to hold the plane. plus i had to go to the bathroom; so of course that caused a ruckous since bathroom scenes seem to make it into most of my dreams.