Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


i had a really strange dream between snoozes this morning.
i was standing on a blow-up pillow in a creek with some people (braulio, nick from upstairs at mickey’s, and some other vague faces) and my old boss was standing on a bridge taking our picture. he came down to get into the water and lost his balance and dropped the camera in the creek. i quickly grabbed it and said, “get it into a bag of rice!” at that point, it turned into a big video camera.
we got out of the creek and walked to the nearby house where i apparently lived… i found a bag of expensive rice (really? does that exist?) and said, “don’t use this, there isn’t enough and it’s not cheap.”
and i went to do something else and came back to a glass bowl filled with the rice and the camera, barely covering half of it and i got livid. i was screaming and calling him names and then i woke up.