Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

weekend roundup

friday, we enjoyed lunch at michael’s frozen custard; they serve a decent veggie burger. then we tooled around town getting errands done. we made it an early evening as matt picked up the saturday open shift, so he had to be awake quite early. my day was unproductive… but i had planned for it, so i don’t feel too bad.
on sunday, i met george and mum at mickey’s for her birthday breakfast. mom and i had the special: a chile relleno stuffed with cheddar, gouda, and squash. it was enormous and delicious.
i was going to try to learn entrelac, but the hat i want to make requires needles that i don’t own. this fact surprises me, as i have about six billion needles, i just don’t have two sets of us8 dpns.
the dogs are doing great. one of our trips on friday was to mounds… matt thought jones would enjoy a new stuffed squeaky toy, so we got pengui the penguin. within minutes, jones learned the name and was able to fetch it without hesitation; he’s smart.
also, each morning i have to weed through comment spam on my blog… sometimes there are some real gems. i will share a couple with you:

Depending on the situation, fanny packs are probably pretty useful DAMN YOU CARGO PANTS YOU ARE A GATEWAY DRUG.


It’s hard to fart in every room in your house at the same time. Well with my new Spiced Ham scented candle, you don’t have to!