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when my alarm went off this morning, the first thing i said out loud was, “i can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow.”
i’m not sure if it will happen, but not having to use my alarm for a couple days a week is grand.
we don’t have anything planned this weekend… maybe i can get us to go around the lake again. it was a pretty nice ride, tho my hands got a little numb and my bum isn’t used to being on my saddle for that long. perhaps a picnic at the halfway point is in order.
i’d like to tidy up the soft goods room; matt’s brother is coming to stay next week because his work couldn’t find suitable overnight accommodations and basically told him to “figure it out.” it’s because epic is having some sort of conference where a billion people show up and there isn’t a hotel to be reserved for miles.
i also have a copy of the chicago manual of style that i want to read. exciting stuff!