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week two, day two

i think i figured out the reason why most people don’t exercise: time, there’s not enough of it.
i knew i had a lot of things to do after work, so i snuck out a little early. this never actually has a positive effect on my getting home early, but i do it anyway for mental health.
after staring at the radar, and the road, the whole way home. i determine that i will, most definitely, be running in some sort of precipitation. i figure it will be a welcome change from the 90° run on monday.
after the brief dog walk, i tried to decide if i should just go for it, or wait for a small cell to pass. almost immediately after checking the grill regulator for a leak, it started pouring. i began to change into runningbekee and walk around the house aimlessly.
even though my ipod holder’s packaging touted that it was waterproof, i’ve come to realize that is never ever ever true. ever. so, i wrapped it up in a plastic produce bag from woodman’s, secure in the knowledge that my ipod wouldn’t be ruined.
i told jones to watch the house and i headed out.
the walk was nice, the first run was ok, but since the walk times in between are now 2 minutes, it gave me just enough time to get comfortable before that happy gal told me to start running again. by the time i turned around (“you’re halfway!”), i had started talking to myself, “come on. come on.” my ankles were burning, i almost stopped.
but i didn’t. after the last 2 minute walk, the cheery b*!@) says, “one minute left!” and you’re supposed to haul ass. i made it about 45 seconds, at a slow jog.
two things i noticed that were improvements from monday, my side stitch didn’t show up until about a block later, and the halfway point was about 3 or 4 houses further.
when i got home, i showered, made a batch of kombucha… moving the hands of the clock further away from my normal dinner time of 7:30ish. i decided that i couldn’t justify my usual glass nickel meal, because i had no small change for a tip and salad fixings in the fridge.
while making the booch, i defrosted something from the freezer that i had made with last year’s tomatoes. after the tea was safely put away, i started dinner: whole wheat gemelli and sauce with spinach.
i’m not really looking forward to running on friday… maybe it’ll be easier with matt there.