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we got water bottles to carry while running, because it’s just a little too long to go without hydrating. we started out with the standard, brisk, 5-minute walk and then the cheery “begin running!” lady told us to get going. the first half of the whole thing seemed to be ok, my shins didn’t even hurt that much, but by the time we turned around, my calves hurt, my face was red, my water was almost gone (matt finished his before the halfway point) and i was running out of steam.
we took a longer than normal break in the middle to stop at the olbrich ball park to refill our bottles, then took off back down the (closed) bike path. i think that made the last few runs a little more tolerable.
tomorrow will be another solo run for both of us, then i think we’re going to switch to mon, thurs, sat so we can run together… thursdays and saturdays could prove difficult because of matt’s work schedule, and the weekend traffic on the bike path and meeting mom for csa splitting.
i keep wondering when it will get easier.