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week three, day two

in between downpours, we managed to sneak in our run last night. the humidity made it pretty sticky, and the sun had come out after a brief rain, so it wasn’t very cool either.
we didn’t make it as far as we did on monday; i’ll blame the weather for that. i’m also getting sick of crossing walter st. it’s probably the only intersection that we have to worry about, and it can get pretty busy.
anyway, we did the reps and didn’t die. by the end of the last three minute run, i think i kinda felt good. it was weird. i thought to myself, “well, it’s not so bad.” and was able to keep going.
the last haul-ass minute, tho, i stopped about half a second before she said “begin your cool down!”
hopefully we’ll get up early enough tomorrow morning to beat the heat.