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week six, day one

i thought it would be way easier than saturday. it was run five, walk three, run eight, walk three, run five.
i barely made it four minutes into the first run and had to walk for a couple seconds. the heat and humidity made it very difficult to breathe; it kinda felt like i was going to drown.
almost halfway through the eight minutes, i had to stop again. there’s a hill at our halfway point and it killed me. the second half of the run was tolerable. i made it without stopping at all.
when we had about three minutes left, i think my body just decided that i had to keep moving because that is what i was there to do. in any event, when she happily told us to begin our cool-down, my throbbing head thanked her.
i’m glad we don’t run again til thursday. we’ll be running twenty minutes with a three minute walk in the middle. O.o