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week seven, day one

we skipped the monday run because matt has a hand injury and wanted it to heal a little more. i kinda wish we’d have run, tho, because the humidity was about 80% less than yesterday.
we walked the dogs after work, and the return trip was mostly sun and sweat, so i suggested we wait a little while, i was thinking about a half hour.
by the time we got eggs, checked the gardens, biscuitted and fed the dogs, changed into gear, filled water bottles, assembled ipod and key into holder, it was 30 minutes later.
we sighed and headed out the door. this whole week, it’s the warm up walk, followed by 25 minutes of running and then the cool down walk.
we made it about nine minutes before the humidity had oppressed us enough to walk. we walked a handful of times, but not for very long. it was mostly just to drink out of our bottles without exerting too much energy.
after she told us we were halfway, i felt as though i got a little lighter and it was easier to run, but then we rounded a corner where there was no shade for a couple blocks and my gumption had been beaten.
our loop was a little short, so we had to modify the last minute by running up a block so we could walk back through the park.
on the way through, a friends’ wife was pushing her kids on the swing set and she yelled, “you look super cute in that outfit!” and i said, “no one is supposed to see me in this! say hi to kevin!”
we got home, stretched, and cooled down.
we watched a little six feet under and then i made egg sandwiches with pepperjack cheese.