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week seven

we postponed the mid-week run until friday, because the humidity on thursday was borderline dangerous. so, we got up on friday and ran… for almost 25 minutes straight. we only walked a couple times just to regain composure, and drink. it’s surprisingly difficult to drink from a water bottle while running.
after the run, we walked the dogs, made breakfast, took them to scramble’s*, and started on the three hour** drive to matt’s folks house.
we hung with his parents for about an hour before the house filled up with the rest of the family. his mom made enough food for about thirty people, so we all filled up sufficiently.
after a drunken game of cards against humanity, i snuck off to sleep at about 12:15. i slept pretty well until the little ones returned for saturday daycare.
the morning was for catching up and more quiet time. matt’s dad made us eirekuchen with fresh eggs from our chickens. i was just looking up the spelling of said meal, i see now that it’s just german for “pancake”. maybe i’ll try it soon myself.
we headed back home on a new route that matt’s dad suggested and somehow got off course, but we took a small detour and got the interstate out of plover. i’m not sure it was that much faster, but it was nice to be able to go 79 mph instead of 64.
this morning, we finished up week seven; same routine as before. it was hot, but not going to kill us. i think we walked less than friday, but i’m not really keeping track.
* nickname for my mom when telling the dogs who’s coming or where they are going.
** google says it’s three hours, but when i drive, it’s not.