Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

week one, day two

yesterday was a solo run for both of us. matt works wednesdays, so he ran earlier. when i got home, i walked the dogs on a quick leash-walk so i could get the run over with. a leash walk is just a couple blocks, otherwise they just meander all over the park and it takes too long.
i put on my modified running outfit (monday was a little cooler), and popped the ipod holder onto my arm and headed out the door. the first minute of jogging reminded me that my shins hurt, but it went really quickly. i decided i wanted to figure out how far i’m traveling while doing this week’s training, so i just took the sidewalk and followed as straight of a line as i could. it appears it’s just over two miles round trip, which can be seen here.
there are eight repeats of running/walking, so this time i kept count… i’m not sure if it was a
good idea or not. during the second to last run, i had to tell myself to get going.
i also figured out that when the app says, “there’s one minute left!”, we’re supposed to book it like there’s no tomorrow. oops!
needs for future: new shorts and a water bottle.