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week one, day three

we did the same route as before, the only difference is that we brought the dogs. their digestive system interrupted the 5 minute warm-up walk, but i paused the app so we could clean up after them. we left the bags in the locations they chose, hoping any of the homeowners who were staring out their window would trust that we’d pick them up on the return trip; i really didn’t feel like carrying poop for 2 miles.
jones had a blast. he likes to hop/prance along and the only difficulty was getting him not to want to stop and pee while we were in the running bits. nora did ok for about the first quarter, then she refused to cooperate… matt had to encourage her almost every 10 seconds. she’s built to be a sprinter, not a long distance runner.
we won’t be bringing them along anymore… which is a shame, because the dog walk plus the run adds almost an extra hour (the regimen plus changing into/out of running clothes and stretching) to my post-work time; this is something to consider if i or we want to move the run to the morning. i can’t see myself getting up an hour earlier than i do now, but we’ll see. there’s a surprise around every corner.
we’ll begin week two tonight, the change is that both running and walking gets an added 30 seconds, so we’ll end up going farther than last week. we might even make it all the way to dempsey. i wish we could use the bike path because there are fewer car intersections, but they’ve been tearing it up by the olbrich softball diamonds for a long while now.
i haven’t decided if it’s fun or frustrating, trying to figure out a new route each week. i like to think it’s distracting me from the actuality of running.