Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

week four, day two

i’ve determined that it’s about 65% less hellish to run with matt than it is to run by myself.
it was nice and cool last night, and a little misty, so that helped. we got further during the brisk walk than in the past, and ran-walked ran-walked through the ankle pain, the thigh-yelling, the sheer exercise of it all.
near the end, a spry young fella came bounding around the corner, practically leaping as if to channel mercury, and i said, “show off!”. i think he heard me cuz i saw a smirk. or else he was chuckling to himself at how ridiculously slow we were going.
when it was over, i think i said, “that was awful.” and then about a minute later, in all seriousness, “wasn’t that fun?!”
after our routine stretches, we finished up an episode of six feet under and then we made egg sammiches on ciabatta buns for dinner.