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week four, day three & week five

i can’t believe we’re running.
week four, day three was ok. we decided to take a different route, up fair oaks and east on the bike path. it wasn’t nearly as interesting; one straight shot there and back again. it made the return trip seem a lot farther because we could see the bike path intersecting with fair oaks, which is where we would be scheduled to start the final cool-down walk. so, i guess it was more torturous than less interesting.
yesterday was the start of week five. this week consists of the regular warm up walk, then run five, walk three, run five, walk three, run five.
we got all suited up and i said to jones, “wanna come with?” and he ran to the front door. since he didn’t seem to hate the other time we brought him along, i figured it would be ok. he was quite the show off for the first bout, running almost faster than me, but by the time we were on the final stretch, he was nearly behind me to the right. i had to run behind matt so we would all three fit on the sidewalk.
it was pretty humid, so that didn’t help much, but it actually didn’t seem to be too terrible.