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week five, day two

last night, we ventured out of the house for the middle of week five. we’ve taken to saying, “i love you.” when she tells us to run, as if it is the last time we’ll see each other because we won’t make it to the end.
you’ll recall the start of week five and how it was seemingly impossible to run for five minutes straight, but i think having jones with, and listening to music might have helped. i need to work on a speedy playlist.
we started on our regular route, through the neighborhood. it still amazes me how close we are to olbrich, woodmans, and cottage grove road just because the roads turn in such a way.
anyhoo, we get almost to walter st and i wonder why we’re still running since we’ve passed the gun-totin’ house on hargrove (“i don’t call 911” with a picture of a handgun) and it feels like we should have been walking by then. i look down at my arm and it says 4:37, to which i responded, “hay!” i stop so i can read the description of the schedule upside down. “jog for eight minutes, walk for three minutes, jog for eight minutes.” WHAT?! that’s not the same as last time!
apparently, mixing it up is part of the program. :/
saturday dictates that we run for 20 minutes straight. i don’t know what sort of trickster came up with this c25k schedule, but they obviously did it after completing a 5k; and i want to punch him in the throat.