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i left work a little early yesterday to beat the rain, a task in which i was successful, but had intended on also sneaking in a run before the larger cell came through. unfortunately, as soon as i geared up and walked outside, it started steadily raining. i thought i could maybe handle it for a minute, but quickly realized that getting soaked and having to dry off would impede the rest of my evening’s chores, so i opted to wait until this morning

i woke up about 27 seconds before my alarm went off, so, i got up, squeezed my tattooed boobs into that stupid bra, found a suitable hoodie that wasn’t too heavy but was just warm enough (it was 50° at 6a) and got out for my run. i decided not to bring my water bottle this time, as it’s just a heavy thing attached to my hand, and i don’t usually want to drink much while i’m running so that i don’t get water logged.

this week is 90 seconds run/2 minutes walk, repeated six times. i did okay until the 4th round. i said to myself, “well, you have to get home somehow.” so, i kept on; 90 seconds seems a lot longer than it is when you’re waiting for it to end.

i made it home without dying and stretched all the things and continued to get ready for work.