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yesterday, i worked from home because i had to drive to a training on the far east side in the afternoon. i had a hard enough time getting in and out of my car on the way there, and the training was 2.5 hours of sitting, staring at a monitor on the wall to my right.

by the time i got home i could barely get up off the toilet. so, i took half a cyclobenzaprine and waited to get tired. fast forward to this morning and i still couldn’t get out of bed without wincing, so i’m working from home again.

except i started to feel a little better and decided to try running. i didn’t want to miss a day in the schedule cuz then i’d be all off. i’m already risking saturday’s run with the tattoo work tomorrow afternoon. hopefully, i’m not too throbby on saturday morning.

anyhoo, the run was ok. after the first run/walk rotation i thought that the run part wasn’t so bad. after the third run, i thought my feet were going to fall off. i guess it’s all relative.