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here’s something really weird. i woke up sunday and actually wanted to run. i didn’t have that feeling of dread that i remember from the last time. even with a newly scarred chest tattoo (got color work done on friday: stay tuned for that).

i pushed on my sports bra and, since it was 52°, tried to figure out what kind of outerwear i had that could suffice. the sun was out so, i risked wearing just my arm warmers and a t-shirt (on the top half, of course).

i suited up, and to the dismay of the dogs, went outside without them.

by now, i’ve been able to mentally count the repetitions of run/walk and made it to the “you’re halfway!” point pretty easily. the last two run/walk groupings were a little rough, but only in my shins, which i assume will either stay the same or get better as the muscles learn.

i got home, stretched, showered, and *finally* walked the dogs. just in time, too, because the day got much colder and overcast. i’m glad i was up to see the sun and the neighborhood oriole.

speaking of orioles, see next post.