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week four

today was painful. after the warm-up walk, 3 minutes of running was almost unbearable, but then only 90 seconds of walking and then 5. WHOLE. MINUTES. of running. i stopped and pulled my phone out of the holder that makes it impossible to see the screen and it said 2:47 left of running and i said, “you’ve got to be f&#)*ng kidding me.”

but i finished the 5 minutes. and i walked 2.5 minutes and ran 3 and walked 90 sec and ran 5. this is nothing new, but she (the app on my phone) gleefully states when there’s “one minute left” of whatever activity before the cool down 5-minute walk. it’s supposed to encourage you to go full-boar for that last minute. as i was running and finishing up the final 5-minute stretch, she tells me the good news and i say, “if you think i’m going to run any faster than i am right now you’re crazy.” i hope the family on the corner of hargrove and starkweather didn’t hear me.