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water bill

my water bill for the second half of last year went up by about $40. i’m not sure how much of that is due to annual increases in city costs, but i think a majority of it has to do with all of the food-making and subsequent dish-washing we’ve been doing.
i recently bought artisan bread in five minutes a day. they claim you just make a whole ton of wetter-than-normal dough and keep it in the fridge all week. then just pull off a clump and gluten cloak it and you’re set! so i gave it a whirl on saturday with successful results.
last night, i was determined to use up the rest of the dough, so we needed to come up with a dinner plan that involved bread. soup was decided upon. soup-dipped-bread was perfect for how ding dang cold it was last night. out came the pizza peel.
i figured i might as well make some “chicken” seitan to go in the soup. out came the pressure cooker.
and why not make homemade noodles to go in that soup? out came the rolling pin.
the bread was perfect; so much so that i intend on getting a 5qt cambro and lid to keep dough in the fridge.
the stove was kept busy with pressure cooking the seitan, starting the soup broth, and making tea for matt.
the noodles were unimpressive, tho.. i followed mom’s recipe but needed to add another egg because it was too dry (maybe that was my problem), and the whole wheat flour probably didn’t help. i’ll try it again… my heart wasn’t really in it since i had been standing, mixing, plopping, baking, and otherwise occupied for two straight hours.
next time, i’ll plan better and not try to do everything.
but, i still have to do the dishes.