Remember, you closed that pop-up, so you agree not to hold the contents of this page against me. 🤝🏼 😉


SO! This f-ing thing pops up at work while I’m trying to find pictures for a new haircut. I freaked out, closed all the windows, cleared my cache and history, and rebooted my machine.. all the while my heart is racing and my face is turning red. So yea, there might have been some links to porno sites on the pages with girls and their short hair, but hell, I wasn’t looking at that! So I get home and “reproduce the problem” and see that I freaked out over some lame program that cleans off your hard drive so your “boss, family, mom, dad, husband, wife” doesn’t know what you’ve been looking at. When did we all of a sudden get so untrustworthy? Who the f*ck cares what I look at on my computer? At least it’s not porn!