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i ended up working from home on friday, and only a half day due to aunt flo. while it wasn’t as painful as last month, it didn’t instill any confidence. but, i guess i need to give it three months before things even out.

the rest of the weekend was a blast tho. it was atwoodfest, and i think i mentioned that i hadn’t been to most of the fests that rodney likes to attend, so wasn’t sure what to expect. it was very good people-watching tho. on saturday, we did a once over (that’s one lap up and down) and then found some grass in the shade in which to relax while listening to porky’s groove machine. on sunday, we did the same but stopped to get some food. i had a caprese melted sandwich and rodney got a pulled pork slider. i tried a bite and it was okay, but my grilled cheese was tastier—even if it wasn’t worth the $8 with $2 tip.